• Ross Yeager

Scaling a Portfolio: Delayed Financing

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

According to many sources, delayed financing allows clients who recently bought an investment with cash to take money out against the home without having to wait the required minimum of six months for title seasoning in order to be eligible for traditional refinance. It sounds somewhat too good to be true, and it seems that it may be. I have been asking around many different banks and lenders for this type of program, and I have yet to find anyone who actually participates in it. The other downside to this is that it will only cover 75% LTV and only up to the purchase price (not including renovations, which on some houses could be the larger part of the cost). If getting a private money loan is not an option and you were looking for Delayed Financing, the recommendation would be to just wait out the seasoning period and refinance.

Having the right strategy can make all the difference!

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