• Ross Yeager

Roofstock Property Purchase Day 38: Waiting for Seller Response

It is now a month after entering the contract and three days since I proposed my counter offer. I have not heard back from the seller, even though a response is legally due at this point per the PSA. I contacted Alexis at Roofstock and asked her what was going on. She responded that they have not heard back from the seller and asked if I wanted to amend the PSA to extend the response time. If I did not, the contract would be null and the sale cancelled. It is a holiday week (Fourth of July!) and of course I don't want to lose the deal before getting a response on the new price. Alexis quickly put together the amendment for me to Docusign. I am impressed how quickly Roofstock was able to move through this whole process. 

With the contract amended, I have an additional week to hear back from the seller...

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