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Roofstock Property Purchase: Entering into the Real Estate Game

As my net worth has continued to grow, I've been on the lookout for ways to increase my passive income. Normally, I am a huge stock proponent, but I feel that the current returns justify looking elsewhere.  In particular, I've started to look into real estate. 

For me, I had to significantly beat the stock market to make it worth my while

I set the bar high when comparing real estate to other investment opportunities because I don't think that real estate is as much of a slam dunk as many people believe.  The average stock market return (S&P 500) since its inception has been 10%, which involves zero management on my end. With that in mind, any real estate investment has to exceed a 10% return in order to justify all of the work involved.  However, real estate does provide the opportunity to use leverage to get more mileage for your investment dollar, so it is definitely worth looking into.

With that in mind, I've been dedicating my time outside of work to educating myself about real estate investing.  I've been reading, researching, listening to educational podcasts, and networking with high profile real estate investors in the Bay Area.  I finally feel that I know enough to go try this thing out. 

With my full time job, I want to focus on an investment that will minimize my time commitment while still allowing me to find something worth while. This has led me to turn-key solutions. I have been researching these for a while now, and the company that keeps on showing up is www.roofstock.com.  

The next couple of blog posts will focus on my experience using Roofstock.com as well as the lessons learned along the way. Each of the relevant posts will start with Roofstock Property Purchase:

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